Keep Existing Retail Clients Happy and Capture New Customers

The ability to keep your existing retail clients happy and to capture new customers by providing more value is essential for growth in a retail environment.

By engaging directly and effectively with your customers you can increase the loyalty of existing shoppers along with providing new customers a better and more personalised experience.
Powertec products are optimised to provide the highest performance indoor access point using the latest Wave 1 technology for Gigabit WLAN data rates.

We have leading edge products that are both flexible and scalable and provide a premium level of service for deployment scenarios such as:

– VIP sections of public venues, stadiums and arenas
– Luxury hotels and suites
– University and college lecture halls
– Conference centres
– Executive small and medium businesses (eg real estate, lawyers, engineers, doctors)
– Small and medium size business’s (restaurants)
– Multi-tenant commercial and residential properties
– Big box retail stores
– Office building lobbies and public spaces
– Hotels and resorts

Important functions such as dynamic power control, advanced automatic channel optimisation, coverage adaption compensation and client load balancing are optimised to support large and diverse network environments without presenting any limitations. The low profile, paintable devices enable venue operators to discreetly place these access points throughout public locations.


Network Management System

If you want to control access and service plus take advantage of marketing opportunities via content management and big data analytics, then we can offer you a cloud based management solution.

The Management System provides network operators with a centralised way to remotely administrate and control the Access Points (AP’s) and the network. It supports a full suite of configuration, performance, fault, operation and administration management features and ensures high data security for users via a 3-tier user and security login.

Users can deploy a network at low cost without the need to install any physical controller.  The System allows you to automatically push the predefined configuration to an AP once it is connected to the internet. This rapid setup is perfectly suited to Retail Wi-Fi provisioning.

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