Mining WiFi Solutions for Efficiency, Safety and Even Staff Entertainment

To operate a mine site efficiently and effectively, the information flow must be seamless between staff and machinery, despatch and management. When the footprint of a mining operation can extend hundreds of kilometres (in just the above-land operations), you need a solution that has been proven as superior in the field.

Altai products can provide 10 times the coverage area compared to any standard access point and uniform coverage in NLOS conditions.  Their superiority in outdoor scenarios has been proven time and time again in 3rd party testing competing against some of the best known brands in the marketplace.

In addition you will have access to AltaiCare for management, deployment and authentication.

If you are looking for the best mining WiFi solutions in terms of coverage, range and capacity, it’s worthwhile to give us a call to put Altai Super WiFi on your agenda.

  • Super WiFi Coverage
  • Super WiFi Range
  • Super WiFi Capacity

Download our White Paper – Wireless Mesh Access Point vs Cellular Smart Antenna Base Station

Altai uses two different technologies concurrently, increasing its WiFi base station capacity by a factor of 10:

  • Altai’s patented smart antenna technology – higher antenna diversity supports stronger the signal strength and hence throughput at distance, improving the median throughput by a factor of 5
  • Altai’s AirFi technology – a bandwidth control algorithm implemented at the WiFi layer, increasing its efficiency and capacity by a factor of 2 and more.

Unlike the latest, most advanced access points available in the market, which have a 3×3 MIMO capability, Altai relies on a powerful antenna array with 8 elements, which enables its base station to implement an outstanding 8×8 MIMO with two concurrent streams. Altai’s 8×8 MIMO technology maintains a higher link budget per data stream, resulting in a more effective multiplication of the capacity per WiFi channel.

Mining WiFi Solutions

Super WiFi Coverage

The Altai A8n super WiFi base station family is designed for macro coverage – covering large areas uniformly with a single base station.

  • At the heart of the A8n Super WiFi base station family is Altai’s smart antenna technology – a combination of a powerful 8×8 MIMO implementation with Altai’s proprietary smart antenna technology and Altai’s AirFi capacity booster technology. This set of technologies enables the A8n base stations to provide unparalleled performance.
  • With Altai’s macro coverage solution, fewer WiFi base stations are required to provide high-capacity coverage per square kilometre, reducing the number of sites needed and the CAPEX and OPEX of the overall WiFi access solution.

The benefits of Altai’s A8n Super WiFi base station family include:

  • 10 times the coverage area compared to any standard access point and uniform coverage in NLOS conditions
  • Up to 300 Mbps access capacity + 867 backhaul capacity thanks to the 8×8 MIMO multi-streaming capability
  • Double the effective capacity per WiFi channel thanks to Altai’s unique air time resource distribution based on its proprietary AirFi technology
  • High interference resiliency thanks to Altai’s smart antenna technology and its advanced Automatic Channel Selection algorithm
  • Specifically designed to coexist with any cellular radio within a 50 centimetre distance without degrading the performance of either the cellular radio or the WiFi base station
  • Fastest time to market, because fewer sites are required and the base stations are simple to install
  • Lowest CAPEX, with the fewest base stations and base station sites required per square kilometre
  • Lowest OPEX, mainly by reducing the number of sites to rent, maintain and connect per square kilometre

If you would like to explore the options of installing your Wi-Fi solution, then please give us a call or contact us today by email.

Powertec Provides Better Coverage for Less Cost

Powertec’s flexible and world leading carrier grade equipment delivers networks for your WiFi application for a fraction of the price you would expect to pay compared to alternative carrier grade solutions. This results in a better coverage outcome and less cost for the client.

Some mining WiFi solutions case studies have been written and can be accessed here.

If you are looking to review your own mining WiFi solution, then please give us a call or email us via our Contacts page.

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