Performing a Site Survey is Vital

Outdoor wireless networks are much harder to design and the Australian outdoors is particularly challenging, so ensuring experts perform a site survey before you start spending money is extremely important. Our Wi-Fi experts and outdoor survey engineers have the ability to survey large outdoor areas and design to any size network.

The survey will ensure we understand the vital aspects of Wi-Fi coverage, capacity, security and redundancy. We will also take into account your existing network and future demands.

Path calculations are also determined during the survey/design stage to ensure the required link availability can be achieved. At this stage we also determine the correct frequencies and antenna sizes plus bandwidth requirements.

There are several types of outdoor wireless surveys; Point to Point, Point to Multi Point, wireless Mesh and WLAN. Each type of survey requires a particular skill set and equipment and a complete understanding of how Wi-Fi performs in an outdoor environment.


Other services offered during the survey/design stage include organising local council planning and building permits, building and mount engineering.

For smaller sites, it is possible for a site survey to be done using just your street address and the programs we have in the office. It can be a quick and easy way for us to give you an indication as to the complexity of your install.

For a FREE initial consultancy for your wireless site survey, please give us a call or contact us via email using our Contacts page.

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