Outdoor Wireless Network Solution for Tourist Spots


The Maldives sits in the Indian Ocean comprising of 26 round atolls made up of more than 1,000 coral islands.  Known for its beaches, it’s a popular place for holidays for those who want to relax and explore the lagoons.

The Problem

While tourists are keen to embrace nature and sit back and destress, they still want to stay connected.  To satisfy the needs of modern day voyagers, the largest telecommunication service provider in Maldives, Dhiraagu, was tasked with the initiative to provide Wi-Fi service across a variety of different tourist spots.

Given that Maldives is one of the world’s most dispersed countries, and most of the tourist attractions are widely open outdoor areas such as beaches, parks and piers, which have very limited sites to set up access points, this task couldn’t be handled by many brand name Wi-Fi suppliers in a cost-effective manner.

The Solution for Outdoor Wireless Networks

In response to Dhiraagu’s appeal, Altai offered Super Wi-Fi solution with Altai patented smart antenna which can support an outdoor Wi-Fi coverage as far as 1.7 km. This long-range coverage allows the project to equip significantly less APs than other competitors’ proposals, suitable for installation in outdoor open areas. The reduced amount of APs also led to a simpler but quicker deployment process and lowered the CAPEX as well as OPEX. Coverage for Altai products typically can provide up to 90% few installation sites for the same coverage area.

The telecom company was amazed by Altai’s unique Wi-Fi technologies and satisfied with the budget.  As a result of a successful installation, more and more locations in Maldives are now being installed with Altai’s APs.

The Product – Altai A8n: Super WiFi Base Station 802.11n Flexible Large Area Outdoor WiFi

The world’s leading 802.11n WiFi outdoor access point optimised for maximum coverage and highest throughput from a  minimum number of installation sites. The Altai A8n has been designed to provide industry best coverage and capacity without complicated networking protocols or the need for a high density of transmitters.

The A8n is a multi-radio base station utilising 8×8 MIMO smart antenna technologies and a patented signal processing algorithm  to provide the industry’s best coverage per base station, especially in non-line-of sight (NLOS) environments. The multiple  antennas of the A8n can be configured to provide coverage that is optimised for area, pattern and elevation. The multi-beam  antennas of the A8n is designed to provide up to 3 times the range and 10 times the per site coverage as standard access point. Accordingly, up to 90% fewer installation sites for the same coverage area.


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    Smart City Wireless Network

    Smart City Wireless Network in Hawaii

    Following Altai’s successful smart city deployments in different regions around the world including Australia, Mexico, South Africa, China, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong and more, it has partnered with the local expert Sun Global Broadband (SGB), to provide wireless connectivity for Hawaii.

    The initial phase of testing took place over the amazing beaches of Waikiki with the green light given to a more widespread roll out.

    The solution by SGB provides unique “hand-off” capabilities and continuous HD video capabilities not usually associated with Wi-Fi.  SGB and its partners designed this network for multi-country, single sign-on capabilities for the international visitor industry. Specialised software supporting multiple languages over a private network will provide travel and location based applications for cultural exchange between international travelers, Hawaiian businesses, the Hawaiian community, and Asian and North American networks.

    Spreading over 177sq.km, phase 1 of the island-wide Wi-Fi network has been completed with outdoor wireless coverage from Diamond Head, Waikiki, Ala Moana to Ward Villages.

    The supplied wireless network serves as an unparalleled wireless enabler to all the system users including Municipality, MNO’s and Enterprises, for different revenue-generating Wi-Fi services and smart city applications. SGB’s unique network design provides low latency, high availability for superior quality HD video streaming, efficient VoWiFi, and highly robust connectivity for smart city applications. Unlike other access points, Altai’s 8×8 MIMO smart antenna technology is able to provide much wider and larger overlapping macro coverage with significantly less AP’s.

    The technology also offers a seamless roaming Wi-Fi experience to any mobile device. Combined with AltaiCare, a powerful AltaiCare Logo_High Resolutioncloud based controller with AP and access management, advertising engine, big data analytics and more, it allows the installer to manage the wireless network under one touch.

    SGB has benefited in a significant reduction of the total cost of ownership and a much faster scale of deployment. The new Wi-Fi network is like a cellular network at a fraction of the cost.

    Altai’s patented Super WiFi technologies provides the foundation of the smart cities of tomorrow. When cities are becoming more connected, all stakeholders can benefit. MNO’s can benefit from the revenue generation and governments can make wiser decisions from the smart data collected through the network. In general, connectivity can indirectly help improve the sustainability of a community or in a larger scale the country’s economy.

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      Gundy – a Switched on Smart City

      Quinnell says early Council feedback has shown local businesses will embrace the approach. “We expect that as our local businesses embrace mobile marketing and advertising, they will utilise this technology to get more people into the main street and their shops.”

      Business Profile

      Goondiwindi is a little Australian town with a population just over 5,500 people, situated on the MacIntyre River in Queensland near the NSW border, 350km South West of the State capital Brisbane.  Affectionately known as “Gundy”, it is the centre for a busy farming community, producing a diverse range of crops from cotton, wool and beef to corn, wheat and barley.

      For such a small town it is now punching well above its weight and leading the way in the Switched On Smart City revolution with the introduction of Free Wi-Fi on the Main Street in 2016. The initial pilot project was set up in Gundy over Christmas 2015 to enable testing of the full range and load capacity during the busy shopping period. Satisfactory testing completed, there is full roll-out currently expanding into neighbouring Inglewood and Texas.

      Local communications experts Goondiwindi Communications partnered with the Council in setting up the Wi-Fi network

      Business Needs/Solution

      City free Wi-Fi was a major objective of the local Council’s long term plan to make the Central Business District a more vibrant and active meeting place.

      Welcoming the move is Director of “Goondiwindi Plus More” Laurie Ward, “I congratulate the Council for its forward thinking efforts and I look forward to the team finalising the Goondi project and moving onto Inglewood and Texas …in the New Year.”

      Product/s Usedswitched on Smart City

      2 x A2 – The Altai A2 is a powerful access point/bridge solution with an integrated 5GHz backhaul radio and antenna, designed for micro WiFi coverage and high throughput PTP/PTMP bridging. It is a simple to deploy solution for remote micro coverage with integrated backhaul.

      C1an & C1xan – are high performance Customer Premises Equipment, designed to increase WiFi signal strength (transmission and reception) as well as the client’s throughput.

      AltaiCare – is the online access and service control, content management and big data analysis software.


      Director of Council Corporate Services Jason Quinnell says “Trent Murray and the team have worked hard to get the pilot up and

      WiFi User Login
      WiFi User Login

      running for the Christmas period so that we could test its range and load capacity during the busy shopping period,”

      Director of Goondiwindi Plus More Laurie Ward said “The new service allows people to access their emails, check in regularly with Goondiwindi Plus More and to browse websites without using their mobile data allowances.”

      Source: https://goondiwindiplusmore.com.au/goondiwindis-main-street-goes-live/

      For more information on this project please contact Trent Murray, communications expert for Goondiwindi Communications who specialise in business communications in the larger Goondiwindi area (covering Sunshine Coast including Brisbane QLD and Northern NSW) Tel: 07 4671 3641 [email protected]

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        Updates to AltaiCare – Cloud Based Wi-Fi Management System

        Updates to AltaiCare – Cloud Based Wi-Fi Management System

        AltaiCare is a cloud-based network management and service control software system. It is designed for WiFi service providers with integrated network management and service control functionalities for fast and cost saving service provisioning, as well as location-aware content management and big data analytics to help defining sales and marketing strategies based on customer behavior. Service providers or enterprises can simply subscribe the AltaiCare cloud-based wi-fi management solution for the number of AP’s and years they need.

        AltaiCare highlights:

        • Cost saving – no AP controller, access controller or service controller is required
        • Ease of deployment – cloud-based and zero configuration supports fast provisioning at ease
        • Powerful multiple-site remote management
        • Powerful controller functions – including local breakout and captive portalCloud based wi-fi management system
        • High security, scalability and reliability
        • Flexible 3-tier user and security login
        • Advertising content management supporting AP location-aware or Altai beacon content feeding
        • Use behavior and web-surfing history big data analytics

        Range of Enhancements

        AltaiCare is about to launch a range of enhancements to the application. On top of the already impressive list of features including network management, zero AP configuration, reporting and authentication, AltaiCare have now introduced the use of social media integration for user authentication and an on-premises server based version for in house or closed network solution.

        User authentication via Facebook

        The feature allows users to authenticate onto a WiFi network via their Facebook account. The user is redirected to the WiFi owners Facebook page and prompted to “like” it in return for access. This enables the owner to build their social media database for future marketing and social media announcements. Information on user demographic is also then available in the form of reports.

        AltaiCare On-Premises

        In instances where internet access may not be available or needed therefore rendering standard cloud based system useless for closed network environments,  Altai are releasing server based versions. The complete list of features are available in the On-Premises server version. The On-Premises version is a one off set of software purchases depending on number of AP’s as well as optional ongoing annual support.

        AltaiCare On-Premises is available now, with User Authentication via Facebook due to roll out by the end of the year 2016.

        For any queries don’t hesitate to contact or the team at Powertec.



        More Smart Cities Online with Altai

        Application: Free Wi-Fi hotspots for local residents, tourists and enterprises in city centre

        Products used:  Altai A8-Ein, C1n and access controller

        Result: The Altai Super WiFi smart cities solution covers three prime locations in the city center to provide free Wi-Fi services. There are over 2,000 simultaneous users with an average speed of 1Mbps per users during the peak hours.

        Overview – Smart Cities Application

        With an aim to make people’s live more convenient and to boost the local economy, the municipal government of a Northern China city has the plan to adopt different applications in the city to become a smart city.

        In order to do so, a fully connected network is the critical enabler for these smart city applications. Trenching and wiring a city can be very expensive, wireless transmission is often the best and fastest way to connect the city. The municipal government has assigned a leading solution provider to design and build the Wi-Fi network for its smart city project.

        Since it required large Wi-Fi coverage and high capacity, the solution provider has chosen Altai Super WiFi Solution due to its superior long range and outstanding performance. Three prime locations in the city center were selected as the pilot sites of this smart city project. The area included a convention center (indoor Wi-Fi) and two public squares (outdoor Wi-Fi). The free Wi-Fi services were launched early this year; it provides free internet connectivity to local residents and visitors in these areas.

        The Challenge

        • A large number of simultaneous users
        • Large area coverage including both indoor and outdoor areas in three locations
        • Maintains low CAPEX and OPEX

        The Solutionsmart cities altai

        In the convention center, Altai C1n’s are used as C1n’s are mounted on the ceiling hangers in the exhibition hall and the hall entrance to maximise the Wi-Fi coverage. For the two public squares, Altai A8-Ein’s are installed on the rooftop and the wall of the buildings facing the public squares to provide large area outdoor Wi-Fi coverage.

        Furthermore, two access controllers are deployed for access management, providing secure admission and service control across these Wi-Fi networks.

        The Result

        The Altai Super WiFi smart cities solution covers the indoor and outdoor areas in three locations by using 23 x C1n and 7 x A8-Ein. The wireless networks can support up to 2,000 concurrent users in total with an average speed of 1Mbps per users.

        Owing to the superior network coverage of the patented Altai long range technologies, therefore less access points are required per square kilometer, resulting in lower upfront capital investment and operating cost.

        China_smart cities

        Hong Kong Container Port Wi-Fi – Altai Super Wi-Fi Deployment

        Hong Kong Container Port Wi-Fi Case Study

        Hong Kong Modern Terminals is one of the busiest container ports in the world. Modern Terminals currently operates 7.5 berths with total handling capacity of 7 million TEUs. (Container ship capacity is measured in twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU).)

        The traditional mesh AP network was not ideal for daily logistic operation due to the complexity and high interference signal at the berths as well as the constraints of site facilities. The WiFi signal was usually blocked by mobile cranes and containers.

        The adoption of Altai wireless solution was divided into two phases. In this case we follow phase one installation which included 5 x Altai A8 WiFi base stations installed in berths no. 1, 2, 5 and 9 to cover the whole container terminal with wireless broadband network.

        Long range technology was imperative here as there are limited sites for equipment installation.

        The Challenge

        • Providing stable port Wi-Fi signal.
        • Multiple base station coverage to every client.
        • Only limited sites were available for installation.
        • Require high data transmission throughput and low latency.
        • Need to support triple play WiFi including video streaming for other interactive applications.

        The SolutionAltai Port Wi-Fi

        • 5 x Altai A8 base stations were mounted on the 30 m high light towers to provide total coverage to berth no. 1, 2, 5, 9.
        • 20 x A8 installed for full multiple coverage (7 BTS/km2 vs. original 60 AP/km2)
        • Altai Network Management System (AWMS) is used for monitoring the network performance.

        The Result

        Providing 7X increase in area coverage than the traditional mesh AP. One A8 base station covers more than 600 m over cranes and 300 m NLOS over container stacks. Each base station provides 3X in data transmission throughput that is 20 Mbps access throughput to users without the need of hopping.

        Altai wireless broadband solution provides backhaul protection and interference mitigation, reducing the number of mounting locations, which helps to minimise the entire cost of deployment and maintenance.

        AWMS not only provided performance and fault monitoring on the network, but also statistical information on mobile client management.

        Competition: Cisco, Motorola

        Over six months’ testing on stability and performance, the results proved that the Altai A8 WiFi system not only meets all the specifications but also exceeds our expectation. The same test was conducted for another AP at the same time, and all the test results of Altai outperform that of traditional AP.

        Smart City

        Altai Technologies and ETN Singapore Turn Ho Chi Minh City into Ho Chi Minh Smart City

        Ho Chi Minh Smart City

        Hong Kong, Jun 15 2016 – Altai Technologies, a leading provider of carrier-grade Wi-Fi products and technologies, today announced that ETN Singapore, a leading telecom solution provider with the collaboration of HCM City People’s Committee, has selected the Altai Super WiFi Solution to provide free public Smart City Wi-Fi for Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

        Altai Technologies, since its inception in 2006, has been realizing the (smart) city Wi-Fi concept. Altai’s patented technologies including the smart antennae, are well positioned to provide the largest outdoor coverage in and around the world. This is highly important for a city Wi-Fi initiative to provide a robust and high quality Wi-Fi services to any mobile users. Altai’s city Wi-Fi solution has been deployed in over 50 regions and has been endorsed as a Wi-Fi enabler for many smart city applications that also include smart metering and surveillance.

        In phase 1, the city Wi-Fi network will cover over 50km of HCM City to provide free Wi-Fi to both tourists and locals. The free Wi-Fi accessibility not only creates an impression on local tourism but also forms the foundation for establishing future public initiatives to build an effective backbone for digital or e-government.

        “Altai is pleased to work together with ETN Singapore on this remarkable project and I am excited to see the footprint of our smart city Wi-Fi solution continue to expand,” said Dr. Raymond Leung, CEO of Altai Technologies. “Leveraging our global reach in smart city WiFi projects such as in China, the U.S., Nepal, South Africa & in other countries, we enable network operators to quickly provide wireless connectivity regardless of network scale. The combination of smart antennae technologies and an advanced signal processing algorithm allows the Altai Super WiFi Solution to provide larger network coverage and higher user capacity than conventional wireless broadband solutions.”

        ETN Singapore, in collaboration with Altai Technologies, will construct and operate the free outdoor Wi-Fi network, which connects to a wide range of smart city applications. Mr. Richard Tang, Group Chairman of ETN Singapore said, “With wireless infrastructure already in place, we can easily extend the Wi-Fi signal from rooftops to street level. Owing to the ease of installation of Altai Super WiFi products, the main streets in Ho Chi Minh City’s district 1 will be blanketed by a wireless network in weeks instead of months. Besides, applications like smart lighting, smart parking, wireless surveillance systems and digital kiosks will help improve city services, making Ho Chi Minh City a better place for living, leisure and business.”

        The People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City foresees that the free Wi-Fi will boost tourism as well as the local economy. The first phase of the service is targeted to be rolled-out by the third quarter of 2016. Located in the southern part of the country, Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam with a population of over 8 million.


        About Altai Technologies
        Altai Technologies is a leading provider of carrier-grade WiFi products and technologies with deployments in 100 countries. It is also the leading solution for the vertical industrial markets, covering over 180 terminal ports and airports globally. The Altai Super WiFi Solution includes a complete portfolio of indoor and outdoor products for carriers, WISPs, and enterprises to support a wide range of applications such as mobile data offload, public access, WLAN access, and backhaul.

        For more information, please visit www.altaitechnologies.com

        About ETN Singapore
        Founded in 2000, ETN Singapore is a leading telecommunications company headquartered in Singapore. Funded by a group of venture capitals and private individuals, ETN Singapore focuses in providing advanced telecom services in South East Asia. The company has subsidiaries, joint ventures and offices in Vietnam and the U.S.

        For more information, please visit www.etn.com.sg

        For media enquiries, please contact:
        Samantha Clifton
        Email: [email protected]
        Tel: + 61 7 5577 0500


        The Altai Solution for Hotspot and Smart City Connectivity

        Altai Technologies Launches New Wireless Solution for Hotspot and Smart City Connectivity

        Hong Kong, May 24 2016 – Altai Technologies, a leading provider of carrier-grade WiFi products and technologies, today launched the Altai C2s dual-band access point/bridge, a new Super WiFi solution for hotspot and smart city connectivity.

        The carrier-grade Altai C2s Dual-Band 2×2 802.11ac WiFi AP/Bridge is specially designed for service providers that need carrier grade performance such as outstanding coverage and high capacity while remaining highly economical solution. Combining several technology breakthroughs such as superior RF and filter design, smart band steering and load balancing technologies, the Altai C2s delivers highly reliable and consistent WiFi services to mobile users.

        The Altai C2s is designed to meet the connectivity requirements of different customers, including:

        Hotspot – In conjunction with AltaiCare, a zero configuration cloud-based network management solution, the Altai C2s will enable non-technical personnel to turn the café, convenience store, billboard etc. into a hotspot overnight.

        Last Mile – Combining the Altai C2s with either an Altai A8-Ein (ac) or A3-Ei, the new solution delivers WiFi coverage up to 3km. It provides low deployment cost and fast provisioning of WiFi systems with the greatest coverage and bandwidth, which is ideal for smart city large area wireless connectivity.

        Bridging – The Altai C2s offers the best value in price/performance solution for high capacity point-to-point and point-to-multipoint infrastructure backhaul for mobile network operators.

        “The launch of the Altai C2s increases our product portfolio of hotspot and smart city solutions. Altai’s long experience in Super WiFi technologies and solutions has enabled us to focus not only on technologically superior products but also on products that are more user- friendly,” said Dr. Raymond Leung, CEO of Altai Technologies. “Together with AltaiCare, the compact size with built-in mounting bracket will enable services providers to quickly and easily install Altai C2s in different locations without complicated networking protocols and installation.”

        Powertec along with our Australia-wide trained reseller base can provide you more information about this exciting new product.  For more information please contact Powertec Telecommunications on 07 5577 0500 or email us [email protected].  Full product specifications can be found HERE.

        Altai C2s Hotspot Smart City Solution

        New York Washington Square Park Deploys Altai Super WiFi

        The New York Washington Square Park, located in the heart of Greenwich Village and surrounded by New York University, is known for its stone arch and central fountain, is a historical gathering place for artists, musicians and students.

        Continue reading “New York Washington Square Park Deploys Altai Super WiFi”