The Altai Solution for Hotspot and Smart City Connectivity


Altai Technologies Launches New Wireless Solution for Hotspot and Smart City Connectivity

Hong Kong, May 24 2016 – Altai Technologies, a leading provider of carrier-grade WiFi products and technologies, today launched the Altai C2s dual-band access point/bridge, a new Super WiFi solution for hotspot and smart city connectivity.

The carrier-grade Altai C2s Dual-Band 2×2 802.11ac WiFi AP/Bridge is specially designed for service providers that need carrier grade performance such as outstanding coverage and high capacity while remaining highly economical solution. Combining several technology breakthroughs such as superior RF and filter design, smart band steering and load balancing technologies, the Altai C2s delivers highly reliable and consistent WiFi services to mobile users.

The Altai C2s is designed to meet the connectivity requirements of different customers, including:

Hotspot – In conjunction with AltaiCare, a zero configuration cloud-based network management solution, the Altai C2s will enable non-technical personnel to turn the café, convenience store, billboard etc. into a hotspot overnight.

Last Mile – Combining the Altai C2s with either an Altai A8-Ein (ac) or A3-Ei, the new solution delivers WiFi coverage up to 3km. It provides low deployment cost and fast provisioning of WiFi systems with the greatest coverage and bandwidth, which is ideal for smart city large area wireless connectivity.

Bridging – The Altai C2s offers the best value in price/performance solution for high capacity point-to-point and point-to-multipoint infrastructure backhaul for mobile network operators.

“The launch of the Altai C2s increases our product portfolio of hotspot and smart city solutions. Altai’s long experience in Super WiFi technologies and solutions has enabled us to focus not only on technologically superior products but also on products that are more user- friendly,” said Dr. Raymond Leung, CEO of Altai Technologies. “Together with AltaiCare, the compact size with built-in mounting bracket will enable services providers to quickly and easily install Altai C2s in different locations without complicated networking protocols and installation.”

Powertec along with our Australia-wide trained reseller base can provide you more information about this exciting new product.  For more information please contact Powertec Telecommunications on 07 5577 0500 or email us [email protected].  Full product specifications can be found HERE.

Altai C2s Hotspot Smart City Solution

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