Solar Powered Wireless Links Take to the Skies

Business Profile

Chinta Air has been operating Outback Australian tours for over 10 years. This family owned boutique travel agency takes great pride in providing an experience tailored to your wishes. The company offers a wide variety of air tours including whale watching, Uluru from the skies, and Flinders Range Kangaroo Island Air tours to name a few.

CEO Noel Schwarz runs the business on the ground with his partner Felicity Brown, Chief Pilot is in charge of the skies. Felicity is one of 4 females in Chief Pilot roles in Australia and the only one in South Australia.Solar Powered Wireless Links

The business is based 20km outside of Ceduna in South Australia on the shores of Murat Bay on the West Coast of Eyre Peninsula. It lies west of the junction of the Flinders and Eyre Highways around 786 km northwest of the capital Adelaide. It boasts a population of 2,300.

Chinta Air is in the same boat as many other regional business who suffer from #datadrought.

Business Needs

While working out of a beautiful location, access to a reliable and speedy data is not so idyllic. The offices were too far out for an ADSL connection, and 4G mobile speeds (for data) were not up to scratch. Noel was on the search for a reliable, high speed wireless data link.

“The Satellite Sky Muster service had constant daily drop outs anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 days.”

Data speeds on a Sky Muster 25/5Mbps plan varied between 1.5/.5Mbps and 17/2.5Mbps with an average of 9/1.5Mbps and an average ping time of 680 ms…. when it was up and working. This meant skype calls and any video conferencing was constantly buffering and any large files took forever to upload…. when it was up and working.

Sky Muster was also limiting on its data plans with half of a 125gb data allowance being night data and only being available when the office was closed so as a result was never used.

After further research Noel discovered that an NBN connection was available on his property but that the Chinta Air offices were located a frustrating 14.3 km from the NBN tower – 300 metres over the NBN 14km cut off line to supply this service.

This meant that a non-standard NBN install had the potential to be a solution. And it had to be solar powered as there was no access to power in the area.

Chinta Air contacted Mal Fricker Communications, a data communications expert operating in the Ceduna area to put together a solar powered wireless link to get a decent speed of data to the office.

Product/s Used – Solar Powered Wireless Links

Metal enclosure, solar panel, battery supplied by Powertec Telecommunications.  Mast supplied and installed locally.

Altai 2 x C1an in bridge mode –  the C1an high-performance CPEs employ a patented smart-signal processing algorithm and an antenna designed to increase WiFi signal strength (transmission and reception) as well as the client’s throughput.

The Solution

Solar Powered Wireless LinksAfter undertaking the correct non-standard NBN install paperwork requirements, a Solar Powered wireless bridge was erected at the edge of the property 13.6km from the NBN tower.

On the bridge mast along with the equipment to solar power the bridge, 1 x Altai C1an in bridge mode beamed the signal 2km to the Chinta Air Offices where another Altai C1an received the signal and disbursed it.

Mal Fricker Communication set up with system over a couple of days and it was up and running immediately on completion.

Business Benefits

When you next call ChintaAir to book your bespoke Australian Air Tour, you can be assured that your enquiry will be dealt with promptly and efficiently – with no lapse in efficiency due to problematic data issues.   


“Since installing the Fixed wireless solar powered NBN repeater, data speed has increased on our 25/5 plan to 21/4.5 with an average of 15/4 and an average ping time of 65 mbps.  Chinta Air now has unlimited data plan for under half the monthly cost of Sky Muster, and a much smoother receive and delivery of data.” Noel Schwarz CEO/Operations Manager Chinta Air.

 “It was a neat solution that worked relatively easily.” Mal Fricker, Principal Mal Fricker Communications.

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Contact Us Today about your Solar Powered Wi-Fi Options

This Solar Wi-Fi Installation was undertaken by Mal Fricker Communications who specialise in business communications in the larger Ceduna area.

For more information on this install you can contact Mal Fricker, Principal [email protected] or call 0427 253 077.

Powertec have access to a number of installers across Australia who specialise in non standard solar NBN installations. For a referral to a local expert on mobile and wi-fi solutions in your area, please contact us at Powertec on 07 5577 0500 or [email protected]

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    Warehouse Wi-Fi Image

    Altai SuperWiFi Makes Warehouse Wi-Fi Operations Easier!

    Case Study – Super WiFi Technologies Overcome Warehouse Dynamic Environment Challenges


    Altai SuperWifi Altai A8nGlobalisation has had a dramatic impact on the logistics sector. From receiving, to inventory, to outbound distribution, warehouses increasingly rely on wireless technologies to streamline the operations and enhance overall productivity by fulfilling orders more accurately and quickly than before.

    A leading conglomerate decided to adopt the latest warehouse Wi-Fi technologies to convert its grain depot to a smart warehouse operation. The outdoor wireless network was designed and built by a leading wireless system integrator using Altai Super WiFi solution.

    Installed on the rooftop of the core building, the Altai A8n Base Station provided large area warehouse Wi-Fi coverage while some C1n’s were installed outside the walls of warehouses to fill the gaps in wireless coverage, especially the rows between different warehouse blocks. From truck weighing, goods loading to custom clearance, all processes are now connected with the wireless network to enhance the overall efficiency.

    The Challenge

    • The area is dense with narrow corridors among the building blocks
    • Lack of Ethernet and tall buildings for installation
    • Moving trucks, forklifts and metallic goods can affect Wi-Fi signal and network coverage
    • Owing to the size of the warehouse, having too many access points or maxing out the transmit power to provide large area coverage can generate interference between AP’s on the same channel.

    The Solution

    Co-located with existing 2G/3G cell sites, one Altai A8n was installed on the rooftop of the core building to provide full wireless coverage. With patented 4 x dual slant smart antenna technologies, the A8n provides flexible and large horizontal beamwidth (70 to 360-degree) coverage. The Altai AirFi algorithm also helps to optimize the throughput to ensure network stability and performance.

    A few Altai C1n’s were mounted on the side-wall of warehouses, and they were configured as AP/CPE pairs for extending Wi-Fi coverage from the A8n. Connected with the C1n, the A8n provides Wi-Fi coverage up to 2.7km (LOS).

    The ResultAltai SuperWi-Fi C1n

    Even though the warehouse environment is very dynamic, the Altai Super WiFi solution is able to increase the average signal-to-noise ratio to improve the signal coverage and data throughput performance. The co-location of the base station with an existing 2G/3G cell site has significantly reduced the wiring and installation cost.

    Application: Private network for interconnecting all the warehouse applications

    Products used: Altai A8n Base Station and C1n

    Result: The wireless network covers the outdoor areas with all the applications connected to the network

    Point to Point WiFi Solution – Environmental Waste Management

    Our client, an environment waste management company are dedicated to providing safety and environmental solutions for waste management needs Australia-wide, but were struggling to maintain contact with the outside world having to deal with rapidly declining internet quality at one of their warehouses.

    The outlying base of the company is situated in Ormeau Queensland, and occupies a standalone warehouse on an industrial estate among a number of other solo standing warehouses.  The estate is provided with internet access via cabling from a central point with separate cabling running to each warehouse.

    Unfortunately the cabling to our Waste Company Tanker Offices was perishing underground causing their internet service to deteriorate over time.

    After quotes to replace the cables, it was decided that a point to point wireless solution would be more cost effective than cable alternatives.Business Needs

    Basic internet access was a must to use the Company cloud based systems that connected all their offices around Australia. Two x Altai C1an’s were utilised to extend outdoor WiFi coverage into indoor areas for broadband connectivity. They were used as a standalone WiFi access point for this smaller network and operating at 5 GHz with fast Ethernet back haul.


    The final solution resulted in a robust 130Mb/sec throughput – more than sufficient for the business and staff to operate to their full potential.

    Point to point wifi solution 1