Wi-Fi Gold Coast Beaches?

Four words for what we want – Wi-Fi Gold Coast Beaches

With our headquarters based on the Gold Coast, Powertec staff are quite passionate about putting Wi-Fi on the iconic beaches of the City of Gold Coast (if not everywhere on the Coast) in order to move forward as a Smart City. We see the benefits as far reaching; those of health and safety by telling our visitors about surf conditions; to benefits for business’ by offering two for one icecream vouchers; and for those who log in to a city-wide system to share their happy snaps; and there are many other potential uses.

We’re a city that’s all about tourism and attracting foreign visitors to holiday and study. The one thing they will all have in common is that they want to be connected to their families back home. They want to share their iconic Gold Coast centric experiences with their families…..and showcase our city to the rest of the world.

And we are not the only ones who want the same thing apparently. Gold Coast Bulletin journalist Alice Gorman recently ‘wrote out’ about wi-fi after being slugged $70 for wi-fi access at her hotel accommodation by a legacy system (old and out of date extortionate wi-fi charging system) being run by her holiday apartment on the Coast.   We spoke to Alice after her initial article appeared and she wrote a follow-up article below:

Gold Coast Bulletin Wi-Fi gold coast article


So we are ready and willing to speak to anyone who can make this happen – Wi-Fi Gold Coast Beaches.

The Hotel Engineer Magazine Wifi Case Study

The Hotel Engineer Magazine – Altai Super WiFi

The Hotel Engineer Magazine is the official publication of the Australian Institute of Hotel Engineering (AIHE).  Distributed to all the hotels in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, we were very happy to speak to them about our hospitality Wi-Fi set up for Peppers Ruffles Lodge & Spa in their January 2016 edition.

With years of experienced backed by solid and reliable products, Powertec Telecommunications and our trained resellers have the product and skills to deploy internal and external wireless networks.

Utilising world leading carrier grade equipment delivering distances of up to 80 km, our clients can take advantage of world class coverage distances combined with minimal operating costs to ensure your network is works to its greatest capability and covers your requirements.

We can recommend the best solution for you in both licensed and unlicensed frequency bands in the areas of:

  • Point to Point Wireless
  • Point to Multi Point Wireless
  • Mesh
  • Wireless bridges
  • Wi-Fi Access Points

Page1 The Hotel Engineer Magazine Altai Super WiFi

Page 2 The Hotel Engineer Magazine WiFi

For the full size article in the magazine, please visit this link:


Is Good Quality Guest Internet a Necessity?

Scott Hampton, Powertec Telecommunications General Manager responds to the Accommodation News Magazine’s questions about what is happening in the Wi-Fi hospitality arena.

How the world has changed. For many of us, it doesn’t seem too long ago that it was not even considered, but fast reliable guest internet is now often regarded as essential in any accommodation property.

Big, expensive hotels and motels could not consider being without it for their corporate guests and comfortably off international patrons who will often be used to excellent overseas standards, but even for holiday parks and backpackers, so pervasive is modern electronic communications technology that even they take a risk in being without it. It is these cheaper accommodation providers who depend more on younger guests for their custom and it is the youth market that is most heavily dependent on access to the internet.

There will still be the occasional older single guest or couple who has not been dragged in, but they are now a rare species, and becoming rarer all the time. Some smaller moteliers or similar accommodation providers will at least inwardly grumble at the cost, but if they wish to compete in today’s market, they might feel they have little choice.

A question about the internet will now very often be the very first question a guest asks – before they even book.

So what is the situation here? Do Australian accommodation providers feel the same pressure as their contemporaries overseas? And what standards and service should they expect from those in the internet industry?

Brent Leslie, Industry Reporter for the Accommodation News gives us the ‘inns’ and the outs on this often over complicated subject.

Read more here….

We Specialise in Building Guest Internet Networks
We Specialise in Building Guest Internet Networks

The Texas – Marine Wifi Solution

Texas is a Superyacht measuring 44.6 metres and custom built in 1984 by Turkish company Turquoise Yachts. This beautiful vessel is capable of a maximum speed of 12 knots and can accommodate up to 12 guests. It runs a full complement of staff to ensure the journey ran smoothly for our cruisers.

Texas was once owned by Solomon Lew, an Australian businessman and one of Australia’s richest men who made his billions primarily from importing goods from China into Australia.  Lew owned not just the Texas but also kept in his garage a spare superyacht the 54-metre Maridome.

Business Needs

Every 5 years most yachts are required to schedule an overhaul to undergo servicing and redo all the certifications – which generally coincides with a refit. The Australian owner recently docked her into a Brisbane ship yard in Hemmant to receive her makeover.

At the same time as her bottom was being cleaned, the captain contacted a local Dealer who worked with Powertec to upgrade all the communications equipment. The focus was on ensuring full data, marine Wi-Fi and mobile coverage was able to be accessed on board, for future journeys.

Product/s Used

  • 1 x Marine Antenna & Base
  • 1 x NTC-140W-02 Netcomm 3G/4G Wifi M2M Router
  • 4 x Altai SuperWifi C1n 2.4GHz CPE/AP

The Solution

The Netcomm Wireless 4G Wi-Fi M2M router utilises the speed and performance of the 4G network to deliver seamless M2M connectivity and supply the data. A complete range of networking and connectivity options are available with this industrial router allowing Altai Super Wi-Fi components to be utilised alongside. Four of the Altai C1n Super WiFi CPE/AP’s were used to extend the Wi-Fi coverage throughout all the cabins and decks with the Marine Antenna capturing the mobile signal to ensure signal was received at all times.

All marine wifi parts supplied were weatherproof so perfect for this type of highly destructive environment.


The Captain of the Texas commented that the set-up simplicity, the ease of use and lack of ongoing maintenance were the main reasons they purchased these marine wifi brands.


Peppers Ruffles Lodge & Spa – A Wi-Fi Upgrade

Peppers Ruffles Lodge & Spa can be found near sleepy suburb Willow Vale as you travel past the scenic ridge through the Gold Coast Hinterland. The prime location showcases amazing views of the coastal flats punctuated by the Gold Coast skyline. Reviews on Trip Advisor rightly use words like “tranquil” and “magical” in describing this retreat and very little could detract from the luxury and relaxed ambiance.

But General Manager Kevin Gong has a business to run and whilst 5 star rated, the remote location, the large number of individual villas and the 50 acre size of the property caused problems for staff, guests and conference delegates wishing to access a 5 star Hotel WiFi connection.

Business Needs

The office internet was supplied via ADSL, but the speed was poor (max 1Mbps download and 150Kbps upload) as the business is at the limit of the exchange resulting in slow internet speed. The property consists of two main building separated by 250 metres with no connectivity between except for telephone extensions. Guests had limited or no access to Wi-Fi at all.

General Manager Kevin wanted to improve connectivity for staff plus connect the two buildings and provide guests with various options for Wi-Fi connectivity depending on their use of the property – whether day spa guests, or short or long stay guests of the retreat.

The Solution

The Altai Super Wifi C1n was selected as it was able to provide coverage and penetration through the villas from the outside. With the furthest villas at around 150metres line of sight from the access points we achieved complete coverage throughout the resort and surrounding pathways.

The C1n can be configured as a Wi-Fi access point for local coverage, a repeater for extending Wi-Fi coverage from an AP or Station mode, similar to a small bridge. With a range of up to 600 metres these access points are premium products.  Five of these weatherproof units were situated throughout the retreat creating a seamless network.

The Netcomm HS1200 provided the web portal for Peppers Ruffles Lodge & Spa to cater for the differing guest Wi-Fi offerings from 1 hour free to all spa guests, to free service for longer term guests with the inclusion of their email address.  The web portal is also able to be customised by the business to reflect their branding and is flexible enough to update with offers and information to guests.

The VSDL modems allow up to 100Mbps Ethernet to travel across 1 pair of plain old telephone cable up to 1.6 kilometres in distance. These work similarly to ADSL and have a filter that separates the analogue phone and data. This allowed us to connect the buildings with Ethernet using an existing analogue phone extension off the customers PBX in place of a wireless link.


Products Used

  • 5 x Altai Super Wifi C1n
  • 1 x Netcomm HS1200 hotspot/billing system/ticket printer
  • 2 x Ethernet over VDSL modems


Business Benefits

The final solution resulted in a robust network across the retreat for management, staff and guests. The retreat can now offer free limited or paid premium Wi-Fi access to guests and promote its conference facilities. New POS terminals, extended CCTV and a new Wi-Fi based Push to talk 2 way radio system can be implemented allowing efficient cost effective communications between management and staff.


General Manager Kevin said “I was impressed by the quick and professional response of Powertec and am delighted with the end result of full Wi-Fi access for our staff, valued guests and conference delegates.”

As part of the process to improve venue hotel WiFi, Ruffles also needed to upgrade their internet service.

New Resort Wi-Fi Solution for Family Accommodation on the Gold Coast

Telecommunications and technology specialist Key Communications and Powertec Telecommunications recently worked together to provide a resort wi-fi solution for a Surfers Paradise based Queensland vacation resort.

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