Upgrading Wi-Fi in World Class Resort

Upgrading Wi-Fi in a Worldclass Resort


Often called ‘heaven’ the 5 star Philea Resort & Spa in Melaka, Malaysia lies within an idyllic forest setting amongst waterfalls and nature providing peace and tranquility for guests.  Unfortunately the thick forest put its own limitations on the outdated Wi-Fi set-up throughout the resort to the point that the business owners needed to review upgrading Wi-Fi.


The existing network in this log resort in Malaysia needed an upgrade to provide full coverage both indoors and outdoors.  Outdoor villas spread throughout the rolling hills and lush green forest – all needing to be connected.

Altai was chosen specifically because it was one of the few solutions with the capability to penetrate thick forest, and provide less installation sites due to its superior coverage.


The resort is now fully covered by the Wi-Fi network for both indoors and outdoor areas.

Smart Campus – University Wi-Fi Installation

University Wi-Fi Installation

The Result

Campuses are challenging environments for wireless networks because of the campus size, and high user capacity. Altai’s patented Super WiFi solution provides the coverage, user density, security and bandwidth that was required for this University Wi-Fi Installation – not just for today, but scalable to accommodate future growth. The next stage of the network expansion plan will be kicked-off in the first half of 2018 to cope with the increasing number of users expected.


Established in 1990, the Ibn Zohr University (Université Ibnou Zohr “UIZ”) is a public higher education institution located in Agadir , Morocco.

The initiative to deploy a Wi-Fi network throughout the campus of the Faculty of Science was to enable various mobile applications within the campus, and encourage interactive learning amongst students and professors.

The university approached an Altai Super Wifi partner in Morocco to conduct a site survey and recommend a wireless solution that would provide both students and staff with fast and reliable connectivity across its campuses.

After several trials against competing products, Altai’s Super WiFi Solution was quickly identified as the best-fit solution – it was proven effective in many schools and universities across different regions around the world. The award-winning Altai Super WiFi Solution has significantly improved the Wi-Fi signal coverage by 10 times per access point and 5 times the capacity to provide 100% indoor and outdoor coverage.

The Challenge

  • Very dynamic environment with specific requirements due to the huge campus size, high user capacity and high network security
  • The wireless network covers both indoor and outdoor areas with both needing reliable coverage
  • Deployment had to be fast and unobtrusive plus scalable to grow with requirements and the University size

The SolutionUniversity Wi-Fi INstallation

With various antenna downtilt on different sectors, the Altai A8ns’ were installed on light poles to provide large area outdoor Wi-Fi coverage while C1ns’ are used as CPE’s (Customer Premise Equipment) to extend the Wi-Fi signal from outdoor to indoor areas.  Altai A2s’ were installed to provide micro coverage in some corner areas.

In order to manage the network effectively, all the access points were connected with the Altai Wireless Management System (“AWMS”) for network management and monitoring.

The Result

The Altai super long range Wi-Fi technologies provide extensive network coverage for the whole university. The new wireless network has enabled many new mobile applications and encourages communications among students and professors.