What is Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint ™?

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint™ – Transforming the Wi-Fi Hotspot Experience

Networks utilised, installed and promoted by PowertecWifi are all developed with Passpoint and support Wi-Fi roaming and industry standards.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint ™ launched in 2012 as an industry-wide solution to streamline network access in hotspots and eliminate the need for users to find and authenticate a network each time they connect.

In Wi-Fi networks that do not support Passpoint, users must search for and choose a network, request the connection to the access point (AP) each time, and in many cases, must re-enter their authentication credentials.

Passpoint automates that entire process, enabling a seamless connection between hotspot networks and mobile devices, all while delivering the highest WPA2™ security. Passpoint is enabling a more cellular-like experience when connecting to Wi-Fi networks

Passpoint was developed in Wi-Fi Alliance® through partnerships between mobile device manufacturers, network equipment vendors, and operators. Passpoint reflects the depth and breadth of that collaboration as a great solution for end users, network operators, and device vendors.

wi-fi certified passpoint

Creating opportunity for operators

In addition to providing a reliable, secure, in-pocket connection experience in Wi-Fi hotspots, Passpoint is delivering value to service providers in the following ways:

  • Supports data offload with instant network detection, selection, and authentication
  • Enables new value streams through inter-carrier Wi-Fi roaming reaching new devices and new venues for the existing subscriber base
  • Increases customer satisfaction and reduces churn
  • Offers best-in-class security for SIM and non-SIM devices alike

Passpoint is a foundational ingredient to Wi-Fi roaming standards currently taking shape across the world. Multi-operator trials on Passpoint-certified equipment, as part of the Next Generation Hotspot program, are taking place now. Wi-Fi Alliance is collaborating with various industry groups to ensure the building blocks are in place to create a truly global Wi-Fi roaming experience.

Unlocking more value from Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is a strategic imperative in today’s mobile world, and is becoming increasingly crucial for mobile and fixed operators, as well as the retail and hospitality industry, as they invest in Wi-Fi to meet business challenges. In October 2014, new features were released that build on Passpoint’s foundation of security and seamless connection to make the technology even more valuable for service providers, while opening up new opportunities for other sectors. New features include:

  • Online sign-up and immediate account provisioning: Passpoint now enables a streamlined process to establish a new user account at the point of access. For service providers, this reduces barriers to account creation and usage. For users, this capability takes the complexity out of getting connected and enables in-pocket connection across a service provider’s network of hotspots.
  • Secure registration: The process of establishing a new account or connecting a second device takes place securely. Devices are provisioned with the appropriate credentials and configuration for network access. Users can be confident they are connecting to their chosen provider’s valid network, and their credentials are exchanged securely.
  • Operator policy: Passpoint now includes the capability for service providers to distribute their specific subscriber policies, such as which networks to join and in what order of preference. This policy support enables providers to deliver the best user experience on Wi-Fi, while still easily maintaining the business requirements of Wi-Fi roaming agreements.

The end-user market is poised to embrace seamless Wi-Fi offerings. Research recently conducted among smartphone and tablet users in the United States and United Kingdom on behalf of Wi-Fi Alliance found that Wi-Fi services enabled by Passpoint have the potential to foster customer loyalty and drive measurable business value for both service providers and retailers.

Article from: https://www.wi-fi.org/discover-wi-fi/wi-fi-certified-passpoint

Altai takes PEPSI to fizzy-ing new heights

Altai takes PEPSI to fizzy-ing new heights

With internet penetration relatively low in Central America, it was big news when PEPSI, the soft drinks giant launched their new marketing campaign “PEPSI HOY” – a large scale project offering complimentary use of Wi-Fi in major parks across Latin America for tourists and local residents.

The PEPSI Campaign

PEPSI printed a Wi-Fi Login password on the inside of every PEPSI bottle cap.

  • Time limit per login is 20 or 30 minutes
  • The duration depends on the size of the PEPSI drink the client purchases – larger drinks receive a longer usage time.


The Challenge

  • Large area coverage
  • Large number of simultaneous users
  • Lack of Ethernet backbone

The Solution

Altai A3-E and C2s are deployed on the rooftops for Wi-Fi access.

C1n’s are used as CPE’s to extend Wi-Fi coverage while C1an’s are used for wireless bridging.

C2’s are used to provide small area wireless networks.

The access points and the networks are all managed by AltaiCare – although there are many installation sites, the service operator can easily manage and configure the network and the access points via AltaiCare.

Although there are many installation sites, the service operator can easily manage and configure the network and the access points via AltaiCare.

AltaiCare is a cloud-based network management and service control software system. It is designed for WiFi service providers with integrated network management and service control functionalities for fast and cost saving service provisioning, as well as location-aware content management and big data analytics to help defining sales and marketing strategies based on customer behaviour. Service providers or enterprises can simply subscribe the AltaiCare cloud-based wi-fi management solution for the number of AP’s and years they need.

AltaiCare service domain supports various services including:

  • User creation
  • QoS control
  • Captive portal

The Result – Expansion

Such has been the success of the project that in 2017 it will be expanded to the major parks of major municipalities in the Latin America region including:-

  • Guatemala
  • El Salvador
  • Honduras
  • Nicaragua
  • Costa Rica
  • Colombia