Accommodation Park Wifi Case Study

The mining company currently using the site for its FIFO workers noticed that the moral of the workers had increased greatly after the Park WiFi installation due to staff ability to maintain communications with family and friends back home.

Business Profile

The town of Wandoan is situated midway between Brisbane (389kms south east) and Rockhampton (376km North East).  Not a big town, at the 2011 census, Wandoan had a population of 665.  One notable Australian who grew up in the town is Australian, Queensland and Brisbane rugby league captain Darren Lockyer.

The town’s economy is traditionally (since 1853) based on agriculture, including wheat and cattle with mining for coal and gas, growing industries.

The Wandoan Accommodation Park, is just off the Leichhardt Highway on a very popular inland route north heading towards tropical Queensland.  The 3.5 acre landscaped Park caters for caravans and camping but also provides 3 to 4 star cabins, suites and apartments for those who prefer to maintain their standards whilst getting back to nature.

Business Needspark wifi

With the rise of mining in the area, the Wandoan Accommodation Park has of late been used to house mining staff while they work on site on a fly in, fly out basis.

It is usual for a fly in, fly out job to involve longer shifts with little recreation facilities available to staff. However to attract and retain staff, accommodation facilities now need to ensure there are improved after hours facilities available.  By and large, Wandoan Accommodation Park provided an excellent base for staff with a pool, restaurant, BBQ’s and more available to while away the hours while working and away from their homes and families.  The one area the Park did not excel in was provision of Park WiFi services.

Due to the construction of the accommodation the buildings (dongas), signal penetration with traditional access points was intermittent at best which lead to poor user experience.

Business Solution Park WiFi

After site visit and review by telecommunications expert Daniel Davis from Darktime Computer Services, coverage plans were produced and once agreed upon, install was undertaken.

park wifi

Product/s Used

2 x A2Ei – 2.4GHz used for client access and 5GHz used for back haul. The Altai A2-Ei WiFi Dual-band Access Point is designed to be used in Altai Super WiFi systems to provide 2.4 and 5 GHz dual-band dual-concurrent access coverage for both outdoor and indoor areas, and to increase system capacity, extend coverage, fill-in areas of low or blocked signals caused by obstructions. It is capable of providing the highest possible data throughput and capacity that the 802.11n standards can offer.

14 x C1n – In back to back mode complementing Altai’s super Wi-Fi base station coverage solution are the C1n high-performance CPEs, which employ a patented smart-signal processing algorithm and an antenna designed to increase Wi-Fi signal strength (transmission and reception) as well as the client’s throughput.

AltaiCare – AltaiCare is a cloud-based network management and service control software system. It is designed for fast and cost saving service provisioning, as well as location-aware content management and big data analytics to help defining sales and marketing strategies based on customer behaviour.

Darktime Computer Services use the system for managing and monitoring the health of the network. Due to the site being a couple of hours away from their offices AltaiCare assists by providing real time vision and reporting. AltaiCare is used by the site owner to manage and control client access, bandwidth and data allowances. Prepaid, subscription and WPA-PSK access provides multiple levels of access to users and site management.

Darktime Computer Services received calls from the park owner commenting on how painless the 2 day installation had been.

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The Wandoan Accommodation Park Wi-Fi was installed by Darktime Computer Services.  Darktime are Wi-Fi, Computer and mobile coverage experts.  They service the Western and Darling Downs Region of Queensland including Chinchilla, Dalby and Condamine.  For more information on this install you can contact Principal Daniel directly on [email protected] or call 07 466 89 991.

Powertec have access to a number of installers across Australia who specialise in Park WiFi among many types of installations including extending the NBN signal. For a referral to a local expert on mobile and wi-fi solutions in your area, please contact us at Powertec. 07 5577 0500 or [email protected]

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    Solar Powered Wi-Fi – Say Bull to the Data Drought

    Overview – Solar Powered Wi-Fi

    Much like a kennel, a cattle feedlot is a managed facility where livestock are provided a balanced and nutritious diet for the purpose of producing beef of a consistent quality and quantity.

    Cattle are generally taken to feedlots for two main reasons – Australia’s dry seasons and/or dry years resulting in pastures that have insufficient nutritional value; and customers demand for grain fed beef.

    Queensland is the largest state in terms of cattle numbers on feed at approximately 60% of cattle numbers utilising this service (followed by NSW with 30%, and Victoria with 7%).

    Business Profile

    The Maidenwell Feedlot can hold 5350 standard cattle units (SCU) and is located on a 337-hectare (831 acre) property 7km from Maidenvale, and about 100km from both Toowoomba and Dalby in Queensland.

    Like many farming communities, the data drought has affected this Feedlot with the lack of a robust wi-fi connection, limiting their ability to take advantage of any technological improvements brought about from connectivity.

    The NBN has recently come to the area but stopped frustratingly short of this business being able to directly access it.

    Business Needs

    The business could not get any Wi-Fi signal at the house to be able to run their office and normal household internet requirements.

    The owner of the Maidenwell Feedlot contacted telecommunications expert Mark Moore, Principal of Moore Things Audio Visual to see if they could access the NBN via other methods.Themaidenhillfeedlot2

    Mark suggested that he install a Point to Point solar powered Wi-Fi bridge connection from the NBN to the farm house.

    Solution/Product/s Used

    • 2 x Altai C1an – the Altai SuperWifi CPE/AP is an essential component used to extend outdoor Wi-Fi coverage into indoor areas for broadband connectivity. The Altai C1an employs patented smart signal processing algorithms and antenna design to increase WiFi signal strength (transmit and receive) by as much as 16 dB*. It can be installed exactly where the throughput is required to boost up and provides greater flexibility and cost savings to WiFi deployments. The Altai C1n also uses less power than alternative products which is of great importance when using solar power as it the situation for this case study.
    • 300 watt solar panel
    • 12VDC 120ah battery
    • 300w  pure sinewave inverter to power the NBN connectionThemaidenhillfeedlot3

    (* in areas covered by an A8n Super WiFi Base Station or A2 WiFi Access Point.)


    Business Benefits

    With the Wi-Fi connection working successfully, the Feedlot now have options and are able to start reviewing how to progress their business via online methods.

    Stage 2 comprises building on the current Point to Point set up to include water monitoring of the dams, weather station monitoring and the addition of security cameras.

    Contact Us Today about your Solar Powered Wi-Fi Options

    This installation was undertaken by PowertecWifi Partner Mark Moore from Moore Things Audio Visual based in Nanango Qld 4615. To ask Mark for more information you can contact him by email on [email protected]  or by phone on 07 4163 1948.

    Powertec have access to a number of installers across Australia who specialise in Wi-Fi installations including extending the NBN signal. For a referral to a local expert on mobile and wi-fi solutions in your area, please contact us at Powertec. 07 5577 0500 or [email protected]

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      More Smart Cities Online with Altai

      Application: Free Wi-Fi hotspots for local residents, tourists and enterprises in city centre

      Products used:  Altai A8-Ein, C1n and access controller

      Result: The Altai Super WiFi smart cities solution covers three prime locations in the city center to provide free Wi-Fi services. There are over 2,000 simultaneous users with an average speed of 1Mbps per users during the peak hours.

      Overview – Smart Cities Application

      With an aim to make people’s live more convenient and to boost the local economy, the municipal government of a Northern China city has the plan to adopt different applications in the city to become a smart city.

      In order to do so, a fully connected network is the critical enabler for these smart city applications. Trenching and wiring a city can be very expensive, wireless transmission is often the best and fastest way to connect the city. The municipal government has assigned a leading solution provider to design and build the Wi-Fi network for its smart city project.

      Since it required large Wi-Fi coverage and high capacity, the solution provider has chosen Altai Super WiFi Solution due to its superior long range and outstanding performance. Three prime locations in the city center were selected as the pilot sites of this smart city project. The area included a convention center (indoor Wi-Fi) and two public squares (outdoor Wi-Fi). The free Wi-Fi services were launched early this year; it provides free internet connectivity to local residents and visitors in these areas.

      The Challenge

      • A large number of simultaneous users
      • Large area coverage including both indoor and outdoor areas in three locations
      • Maintains low CAPEX and OPEX

      The Solutionsmart cities altai

      In the convention center, Altai C1n’s are used as C1n’s are mounted on the ceiling hangers in the exhibition hall and the hall entrance to maximise the Wi-Fi coverage. For the two public squares, Altai A8-Ein’s are installed on the rooftop and the wall of the buildings facing the public squares to provide large area outdoor Wi-Fi coverage.

      Furthermore, two access controllers are deployed for access management, providing secure admission and service control across these Wi-Fi networks.

      The Result

      The Altai Super WiFi smart cities solution covers the indoor and outdoor areas in three locations by using 23 x C1n and 7 x A8-Ein. The wireless networks can support up to 2,000 concurrent users in total with an average speed of 1Mbps per users.

      Owing to the superior network coverage of the patented Altai long range technologies, therefore less access points are required per square kilometer, resulting in lower upfront capital investment and operating cost.

      China_smart cities