Australians Embrace Guest Wi-Fi – Survey

Here at Powertec we’ve noticed a huge turnaround in the accommodation industry – where paid guest Wi-Fi was once the norm, free Wi-Fi has taken over and is now considered a cost of doing business.

Tourist Accommodation Australia (TAA) has recently undertaken an industry wide Wi-Fi survey of 3, 4 and 5 star hotels and serviced apartments revealed that 96% properties surveyed offer some level of free Wi-Fi to guests.

Tourism Accommodation Australia represents the interests of hotels, motels and serviced apartment accommodation operators across Australia, including city, regional and remote areas.Guest Wi-Fi

Responses from the survey revealed that:

  • 99 per cent of hotels currently offer Wi-Fi as a service to guests.
  • The majority of hotels (65 per cent) do not charge for some level of free Wi-Fi access.
  • A further 31 per cent offer it free to customers on a conditional basis (such as loyalty program member, upon booking direct, special inclusion)
  • Less than 5 per cent of hotels require all guests to pay for Wi-Fi.

In the past two years, major Australian hotel groups such as Rydges and Meriton have introduced across-the-board free internet access, while other groups have extended free Wi-Fi access to loyalty club members.

Tourism Accommodation Australia CEO, Carol Giuseppi, said that there had been a “revolution” in Australian hotels over the past few years with the number of hotels offering some form of free internet access to guests more than doubling. “Today, guests at most hotels in Australia have access to some level of free Wi-Fi coverage, particularly if they are members of a loyalty scheme or have arranged free access via a corporate or conference account,” said Ms Giuseppi. “In the past few years, hotels have had to upgrade their internet provision dramatically as the demand for connectivity has increased with guests often operating multiple devices and demanding ever-increasing bandwidth.

“Hotels generally accept that a level of internet access should be provided free so that guests can answer emails or update their social media channels, but when guests want to download or stream items requiring massive bandwidth then it is only fair that they should pay for premium bandwidth usage.

“To offset the high cost of internet provision, hotel groups are more likely to provide access for guests who are members of their loyalty club, so we would recommend travellers join the wide range of hotel loyalty clubs that are available. “Providing high-quality, fast, efficient and secure internet service is an important requirement for guests. Australian hotels have answered demands by guests by extending internet access and our industry is now on par with most hotel sectors around the world.”

*TAA received responses from over 300 accommodation providers across Australia to their wi-fi survey, representing 3 to 5 star hotels and serviced apartment operators.

Pacific Beach Hotel Wi-Fi install

QLD Wi-Fi Training for Powertec Partners in April 2016

Powertec Dealer Wi-fi Training Gold Coast and Toowoomba, Queensland.

Powertec will be continuing Partner training across Australia in 2016 with the Gold Coast and Toowoomba in Queensland taking place in April 2016:

  • Gold Coast Wi-Fi Training 5th April 2016
  • Toowoomba Wi-Fi Training 19th April 2016

Pacific Beach Hotel Wi-Fi installPer normal we will be covering the important areas of:

  • Wireless Site Survey
  • Wireless Installation
  • Product Configuration
  • Wireless Consultancy
  • Wireless Microwave
  • Best solutions for licensed and unlicensed frequency bands
  • Point to Point Wireless
  • Point to Multi Point Wireless
  • Mesh
  • Wireless bridges
  • Wi-Fi Access Points

Hawaii Wi-Fi Beach install


The Wi-Fi training will be flexible enough to allow you to interact with our trainer RF Engineer and discuss the situations that affect you in your area, whether warehouse, marine, education, farming, mining, or hospitality Wi-Fi.  We will run through a number of case studies and solutions that you can take back to your clients.

We will also update you on the latest ideas and products available in wi-fi and mobile coverage.

We very much look forward to meeting our Queensland Partners in April.  For more information on the event and to book, please go to our booking engine HERE.  Alternatively you can contact Sales Manager Muir Groves on 07 5577 0500 to discuss your options in more detail.

Images from a recent deployment of Altai SuperWiFi in Hawaii

Warehouse Wi-Fi Image

Altai SuperWiFi Makes Warehouse Wi-Fi Operations Easier!

Case Study – Super WiFi Technologies Overcome Warehouse Dynamic Environment Challenges


Altai SuperWifi Altai A8nGlobalisation has had a dramatic impact on the logistics sector. From receiving, to inventory, to outbound distribution, warehouses increasingly rely on wireless technologies to streamline the operations and enhance overall productivity by fulfilling orders more accurately and quickly than before.

A leading conglomerate decided to adopt the latest warehouse Wi-Fi technologies to convert its grain depot to a smart warehouse operation. The outdoor wireless network was designed and built by a leading wireless system integrator using Altai Super WiFi solution.

Installed on the rooftop of the core building, the Altai A8n Base Station provided large area warehouse Wi-Fi coverage while some C1n’s were installed outside the walls of warehouses to fill the gaps in wireless coverage, especially the rows between different warehouse blocks. From truck weighing, goods loading to custom clearance, all processes are now connected with the wireless network to enhance the overall efficiency.

The Challenge

  • The area is dense with narrow corridors among the building blocks
  • Lack of Ethernet and tall buildings for installation
  • Moving trucks, forklifts and metallic goods can affect Wi-Fi signal and network coverage
  • Owing to the size of the warehouse, having too many access points or maxing out the transmit power to provide large area coverage can generate interference between AP’s on the same channel.

The Solution

Co-located with existing 2G/3G cell sites, one Altai A8n was installed on the rooftop of the core building to provide full wireless coverage. With patented 4 x dual slant smart antenna technologies, the A8n provides flexible and large horizontal beamwidth (70 to 360-degree) coverage. The Altai AirFi algorithm also helps to optimize the throughput to ensure network stability and performance.

A few Altai C1n’s were mounted on the side-wall of warehouses, and they were configured as AP/CPE pairs for extending Wi-Fi coverage from the A8n. Connected with the C1n, the A8n provides Wi-Fi coverage up to 2.7km (LOS).

The ResultAltai SuperWi-Fi C1n

Even though the warehouse environment is very dynamic, the Altai Super WiFi solution is able to increase the average signal-to-noise ratio to improve the signal coverage and data throughput performance. The co-location of the base station with an existing 2G/3G cell site has significantly reduced the wiring and installation cost.

Application: Private network for interconnecting all the warehouse applications

Products used: Altai A8n Base Station and C1n

Result: The wireless network covers the outdoor areas with all the applications connected to the network