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Wi-Fi Training for WA Powertec Partners March 2016

WA Wi-Fi Training – 1 day on March 1st or 2nd 2016

Powertec will be continuing Partner training across Australia in 2016 and will be visiting Perth on the 1st and 2nd March 2016 to update and educate about Wi-Fi across the following important areas:

  • Best solutions for licensed and unlicensed frequency bands Altai Super WiFi Training Installation Hong Kong 1
  • Point to Point Wireless
  • Point to Multi Point Wireless
  • Mesh
  • Wireless bridges
  • Wi-Fi Access Points
  • Wireless Site Survey
  • Wireless Installation
  • Wireless Consultancy
  • Wireless Microwave

The Wi-Fi training will be flexible enough to allow you to interact with our trainer RF Engineer and discuss the situations that affect you in your area, whether marine, education, farming, mining, or hospitality Wi-Fi.  We will run through a number of case studies and solutions that you can take back to your clients.

AltaiCare – Access and Service Control, Content Management, Big Data Analytics

AltaiCare was newly introduced in 2015 and will be on the training agenda. It is a cloud-based network management and service control software system. It is designed for WiFi service providers with integrated network management and service control functionalities for fast and cost saving service provisioning, as well as location-aware content management and big data analytics to help defining sales and marketing strategies based on customer behavior.

As an integral part of our Super WiFi network, key benefits of using AltaiCare include:

  • Cost saving – no AP controller, access controller or service controller is required
  • Ease of deployment – cloud-based and zero configuration supports fast provisioning at ease
  • Powerful multiple-site remote management
  • Powerful controller functions – including local breakout and captive portal
  • High security, scalability and reliability
  • Flexible 3-tier user and security login
  • Green-friendly – the radio can be automatically turned down during non-service hours
  • Advertising content management supporting AP location-aware or Altai beacon content feeding
  • User behavior and web-surfing history big data analytics

We very much look forward to meeting our WA Partners during March.  For more information on the event details please go to our booking engine HERE.

Images from a recent deployment of Altai Super WiFi in Hong Kong

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Wi-Fi Gold Coast Beaches?

Four words for what we want – Wi-Fi Gold Coast Beaches

With our headquarters based on the Gold Coast, Powertec staff are quite passionate about putting Wi-Fi on the iconic beaches of the City of Gold Coast (if not everywhere on the Coast) in order to move forward as a Smart City. We see the benefits as far reaching; those of health and safety by telling our visitors about surf conditions; to benefits for business’ by offering two for one icecream vouchers; and for those who log in to a city-wide system to share their happy snaps; and there are many other potential uses.

We’re a city that’s all about tourism and attracting foreign visitors to holiday and study. The one thing they will all have in common is that they want to be connected to their families back home. They want to share their iconic Gold Coast centric experiences with their families…..and showcase our city to the rest of the world.

And we are not the only ones who want the same thing apparently. Gold Coast Bulletin journalist Alice Gorman recently ‘wrote out’ about wi-fi after being slugged $70 for wi-fi access at her hotel accommodation by a legacy system (old and out of date extortionate wi-fi charging system) being run by her holiday apartment on the Coast.   We spoke to Alice after her initial article appeared and she wrote a follow-up article below:

Gold Coast Bulletin Wi-Fi gold coast article


So we are ready and willing to speak to anyone who can make this happen – Wi-Fi Gold Coast Beaches.

The Hotel Engineer Magazine Wifi Case Study

The Hotel Engineer Magazine – Altai Super WiFi

The Hotel Engineer Magazine is the official publication of the Australian Institute of Hotel Engineering (AIHE).  Distributed to all the hotels in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, we were very happy to speak to them about our hospitality Wi-Fi set up for Peppers Ruffles Lodge & Spa in their January 2016 edition.

With years of experienced backed by solid and reliable products, Powertec Telecommunications and our trained resellers have the product and skills to deploy internal and external wireless networks.

Utilising world leading carrier grade equipment delivering distances of up to 80 km, our clients can take advantage of world class coverage distances combined with minimal operating costs to ensure your network is works to its greatest capability and covers your requirements.

We can recommend the best solution for you in both licensed and unlicensed frequency bands in the areas of:

  • Point to Point Wireless
  • Point to Multi Point Wireless
  • Mesh
  • Wireless bridges
  • Wi-Fi Access Points

Page1 The Hotel Engineer Magazine Altai Super WiFi

Page 2 The Hotel Engineer Magazine WiFi

For the full size article in the magazine, please visit this link:

Is Good Quality Guest Internet a Necessity?

Scott Hampton, Powertec Telecommunications General Manager responds to the Accommodation News Magazine’s questions about what is happening in the Wi-Fi hospitality arena.

How the world has changed. For many of us, it doesn’t seem too long ago that it was not even considered, but fast reliable guest internet is now often regarded as essential in any accommodation property.

Big, expensive hotels and motels could not consider being without it for their corporate guests and comfortably off international patrons who will often be used to excellent overseas standards, but even for holiday parks and backpackers, so pervasive is modern electronic communications technology that even they take a risk in being without it. It is these cheaper accommodation providers who depend more on younger guests for their custom and it is the youth market that is most heavily dependent on access to the internet.

There will still be the occasional older single guest or couple who has not been dragged in, but they are now a rare species, and becoming rarer all the time. Some smaller moteliers or similar accommodation providers will at least inwardly grumble at the cost, but if they wish to compete in today’s market, they might feel they have little choice.

A question about the internet will now very often be the very first question a guest asks – before they even book.

So what is the situation here? Do Australian accommodation providers feel the same pressure as their contemporaries overseas? And what standards and service should they expect from those in the internet industry?

Brent Leslie, Industry Reporter for the Accommodation News gives us the ‘inns’ and the outs on this often over complicated subject.

Read more here….

We Specialise in Building Guest Internet Networks
We Specialise in Building Guest Internet Networks
Launch of the 802.11ac series of products

Altai Super WiFi Launches New Series – Media Release

Hong Kong, Dec 16 2015 – Media Release

The new 802.11ac Super WiFi products are designed to address the challenges faced by carriers, WISPs and enterprises. From the A8 series Super WiFi Base Station, A3 series Access Point to the C2 series Access Point/CPE, from indoor to outdoor products, the complete portfolio of Altai Super WiFi is now upgraded to the 802.11ac standard, delivering data rates up to 1.3Gbps. The increased capacity, together with Altai’s smart WiFi technologies, ensures that the clients always associate with the best radio for maximum network performance.

“The demand for a faster broadband connections continues to be driven by the explosion of bandwidth demanding applications, especially video over wireless networks,” said Dr. Raymond Leung, CEO of Altai Technologies. “With the new series of products, Altai is enabling service providers to keep up with the explosive growth in data traffic without huge capital investments.”

The Altai Super WiFi Solutions deliver best of class performance and highly reliable and consistent Wi-Fi experience, with coverage over 1km for the outdoor model and 500m for the indoor ones. Altai’s smart WiFi technologies, which include superior RF and filter design, as well as a software-based interference mitigation and RF optimization suite, allow the new 802.11ac Super WiFi products to have up to 20 – 30% more capacity than their competitions. At a fraction of the cost of existing solutions from other vendors, the Altai Super WiFi Solutions offer the best performance/price value in the market. Together with AltaiCare – a cloud-based network management solution, the total CAPEX and OPEX of a WiFi network can be significantly reduced.

What’s more, the built-in all-in-one content management engine of AltaiCare can deliver location-aware advertising services for mobile users at shopping malls, hotels, tourist attractions etc., helping the service providers/venue owners to generate additional revenue from advertising.

The Altai Super WiFi Solution has been proven in many different applications, helping service providers with an increasing number of mobile user and interference to solve the capacity and coverage challenges in a cost-effective way.

About Altai Technologies

Altai Technologies is a leading supplier of carrier-grade WiFi products and technologies with deployments in 100 countries.  It is also the leading solution for the vertical industrial markets, covering over 180 terminal ports and airports globally.  The Altai Super WiFi Solution includes a complete portfolio of indoor and outdoor products for carriers, WISPs, and enterprises to support a wide range of applications such as mobile data offload, public access, WLAN access, and backhaul.

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