The Texas – Marine Wifi Solution

Texas is a Superyacht measuring 44.6 metres and custom built in 1984 by Turkish company Turquoise Yachts. This beautiful vessel is capable of a maximum speed of 12 knots and can accommodate up to 12 guests. It runs a full complement of staff to ensure the journey ran smoothly for our cruisers.

Texas was once owned by Solomon Lew, an Australian businessman and one of Australia’s richest men who made his billions primarily from importing goods from China into Australia.  Lew owned not just the Texas but also kept in his garage a spare superyacht the 54-metre Maridome.

Business Needs

Every 5 years most yachts are required to schedule an overhaul to undergo servicing and redo all the certifications – which generally coincides with a refit. The Australian owner recently docked her into a Brisbane ship yard in Hemmant to receive her makeover.

At the same time as her bottom was being cleaned, the captain contacted a local Dealer who worked with Powertec to upgrade all the communications equipment. The focus was on ensuring full data, marine Wi-Fi and mobile coverage was able to be accessed on board, for future journeys.

Product/s Used

  • 1 x Marine Antenna & Base
  • 1 x NTC-140W-02 Netcomm 3G/4G Wifi M2M Router
  • 4 x Altai SuperWifi C1n 2.4GHz CPE/AP

The Solution

The Netcomm Wireless 4G Wi-Fi M2M router utilises the speed and performance of the 4G network to deliver seamless M2M connectivity and supply the data. A complete range of networking and connectivity options are available with this industrial router allowing Altai Super Wi-Fi components to be utilised alongside. Four of the Altai C1n Super WiFi CPE/AP’s were used to extend the Wi-Fi coverage throughout all the cabins and decks with the Marine Antenna capturing the mobile signal to ensure signal was received at all times.

All marine wifi parts supplied were weatherproof so perfect for this type of highly destructive environment.


The Captain of the Texas commented that the set-up simplicity, the ease of use and lack of ongoing maintenance were the main reasons they purchased these marine wifi brands.


University deploys Altai Super WiFi Solution

Altai’s super WiFi solution saved the campus from complicated, expensive and time consuming installation of cable wiring. Sanjiang University is located in the suburban area of Nanjing, China. It is the first private tertiary institution in Jiangsu province. With a floor area of over 100,000 m2, Sanjiang University has over 7,000 students.

Sanjiang University has deployed Altai’s A8 Super WiFi base stations across its dormitory area. The network is constructed by Nanjing Putian and powered by Altai Technologies.

Five Altai A8 base stations have been installed in the residence hall to provide reliable outdoor and indoor coverage. The wireless network, which is based on Alta’s super WiFi technology, has been rolled out across 14 buildings in the dorm areas, providing 100% indoor and outdoor coverage.

The University Wifi Solution

Five Altai A8 base stations have been installed on the rooftop of the buildings to cover 14 dormitories and outdoor areas.

The Altai A8 base station has utilised both smart antenna technologies to increase the average signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and signal selection diversity to improve signal performance under multi-path fading situation.

The Result

3 to 14 Mbps at 300 m NLOS is recorded, whereas standard AP only supports 0 to 2 Mbps at 200 m. -63 to -76 dBm outdoor and -61 to -72 dBm indoor signal strength are recorded. 1.3 km2 outdoor areas are covered with 1.3 Mbps. Packet loss is ≤1% and latency ranges from 3 to 10 ms, which is much better than before.

Students can access stable and high speed Internet for free. 100% coverage in both indoor and outdoor areas is achieved.

The wireless network helps enable interactive learning in the Sanjiang University.

Altai’s super WiFi solution saved the campus from complicated cable wiring. The installation and deployment of the WiFi solution was completed in only one week.

University wifi solution

Point to Point WiFi Solution – Environmental Waste Management

Our client, an environment waste management company are dedicated to providing safety and environmental solutions for waste management needs Australia-wide, but were struggling to maintain contact with the outside world having to deal with rapidly declining internet quality at one of their warehouses.

The outlying base of the company is situated in Ormeau Queensland, and occupies a standalone warehouse on an industrial estate among a number of other solo standing warehouses.  The estate is provided with internet access via cabling from a central point with separate cabling running to each warehouse.

Unfortunately the cabling to our Waste Company Tanker Offices was perishing underground causing their internet service to deteriorate over time.

After quotes to replace the cables, it was decided that a point to point wireless solution would be more cost effective than cable alternatives.Business Needs

Basic internet access was a must to use the Company cloud based systems that connected all their offices around Australia. Two x Altai C1an’s were utilised to extend outdoor WiFi coverage into indoor areas for broadband connectivity. They were used as a standalone WiFi access point for this smaller network and operating at 5 GHz with fast Ethernet back haul.


The final solution resulted in a robust 130Mb/sec throughput – more than sufficient for the business and staff to operate to their full potential.

Point to point wifi solution 1


Business Wifi

Point to Multipoint WiFi Solution – Landscaping Supplies Business WiFi

Thirty years on and this family run landscaping supply company has grown from ½ acre to 3 hectares and employing over 30 staff.

With such large growth of the business coupled with the expansion of the site, the owners decided to build a dedicated Customer Service Centre approximately 700m from the main business office.

The client wanted continuation of the phone, internet and eftpos machines at the new site without duplication of resources. After receiving quotes on cables and various other combinations of data transfer, they decided on an Altai WiFi solution.

The Solution

Normally a straightforward point to point solution, but due to the terrain and location of the remote site, there was no line of sight so it was handled as a point to multi-point solution.

Point to Multi-point Wi-Fi Solution

Product/s Used

1 x Altai A2ei – Dual band WiFi access point

The Altai A2-Ei WiFi Dual-band Business WiFi Access Point is designed to be used to provide 2.4 and 5 GHz dual-band dual-concurrent access coverage for both outdoor and indoor areas, and to increase system capacity, extend coverage, fill-in areas of low or blocked signals caused by obstructions.

2 x Altai A2n – WiFi access point bridge

The Altai A2 Business WiFi Access Point/Bridge is designed to be used to increase system capacity, extend coverage, fill-in areas of low or blocked signals caused by obstructions and bridge wirelessly to remote site.

Both products are capable of providing the highest possible data throughput and capacity that the 802.11n standards can offer.

Business Benefits

Even with no direct line of site, the point to multi-point upload and back haul speeds were exceptional and robust – now operating at near full capacity and reliable in all weather conditions.

“We are discovering the full potential of the Altai product range in multiple applications. The entire range is easy to configure, manage and ultimately the best ‘bang for your buck’ available. Altai products are a great solution for small business’ that don’t want to go to the cost and effort of laying fibre optics or cables.”  Powertec Telecommunications